Aquarium Maintenance

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Aquarium Maintenance


Owning a saltwater reef aquarium is relaxing and rewarding but definitely takes its fair share of maintenance. If you find yourself wanting to enjoy the tank more than constantly worrying about levels and maintenance let us help. Or maybe your tank just needs a boost in maintenance to get things stable again or adding some more livestock and corals to spice your reef back up. Underwatergardeners has years of experience with saltwater coral, fish, and invertebrates and will now begin to offer the following packages. Feel free to contact us to inquire on pricing for:


  • Monthly maintenance packages
  • Bi weekly maintenance packages
  • Weekly maintenance packages
  • One time cleaning packages


Each visit will include:


  • Water testing
  • Water changes
  • Cleaning glass inside and out
  • Clean/Rinse/Replace Filters as necessary
  • Removing detritus buildup around aquascape
  • Custom plan to enhance your piece of the ocean


Servicing the St.Louis/St. Charles MO area.

Some parts of Illinois at reasonable distances

Feel free to contact us by email on this ad or here Can also call or text at (314) 323-2651

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