Acclimation Guide

Acclimation Guide:
Thank you so much for your purchase!I hope you enjoy the new corals and colors for your reef. Now it's time to acclimate them to their new homes, from the long journey from my reef to yours. Your corals have made a long journey, so please follow the steps below to properly acclimate them and enjoy their colors.
Step 1. Take out cups/bags to make sure all livestock has arrived. NOTE: Be careful of brightly lit rooms since corals have been on a long dark journey and the bright lights could stress them even more.
Step 2. Dim aquarium lights or turn your aquarium lights off since the corals will need to float at the top of aquarium in the cup/bag they came in for 20-25 minutes. This helps your coral to adjust to the temperature of their new home.
Step 3. Get a separate container. Place corals in your separate container (be sure they are not touching each other). Start a drip siphon so that 2-4 drops are coming out per second. Your water volume will double in 35-60 minutes. Repeat this process twice.
Step 4. Time to place the corals in their new homes. Be sure to wear gloves so that you don't foul the water with hand lotions/ soaps or irritate the corals or you're own skin since some corals carry toxins that cause allergic reactions in some people.
5. The final step is to enjoy your new piece (or pieces) of eye candy!
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